11.43 --- Etre, venir de, adjectifs démonstratifs, pronons accentués, etc.

Mireille arrives at her house. Cécile and Jean-Denis are there.

Mireille: Hey, have you been there for a long time, the two of you?

Cécile: No, we just arrived.

Mireille: Dad and Mom aren't there?

Cécile: No, they just left.

Mireille (to Marie-Laure): What is this new boat? I'm not familiar with it? Is it yours?

Marie-Laure: Obviously it's mine. Uncle Bill just gave it to me.

Mireille: Hey, give me a chocolate.

Marie-Laure: I'm sorry. I just ate the last one. There aren't any left.

Mireille: It's not true! You eat too many chocolates, my little one. You know that you are going to be sick.

Marie-Laure: Yes, I know. But I adore chocolates.