Leçon 10 -- Text -- Vacation in Brittany II


Mireille, her sisters, her male cousin Georges, and her female cousin are on vacation in Brittany.




It's raining. They are playing portraits in order to pass the time.




Ah. What weather! It's not true. It's been raining for three days.




To think (literally, say) that in Paris the weather is nice.




That's just our luck.




So, who is it? ... Who? ... You know very well.




The person in Georges' portrait a little while ago.




You are bothering us. ... But I want to know who it is.




OK (good). Look at Mireille. She looks distinguished? Does she have slender hands?




Does she have blue eyes? Does she have blond hair?




Yes. ... So, it's Mireille. ... You can certainly be stupid.




Listen. Just like (all the portrait of) her second daughter.




Does Mireille have any daughters? ... Well, no.




So, it's not Mireille. It's someone who has a daughter who looks distinguished,




has thin hands, blue eyes, blond hair, like Mireille.




So, it's mama? ... There it is. That's it.




Ah ... so we continue? ... Oh, that's enough of that. (That suffices like that.)




No, I really like it. Oh, it's difficult, but it's amusing.




Good ... so listen. Euh ... his (her) right eye looks in the direction of Brest.




His (her) left eye looks toward ... Bordeaux.




Oh my! She is really mean. This poor uncle Victor.




He's just barely cross-eyed. (He almost doesn't look cross-eyed.)




Who is it? ... Uncle Victor. ... Why?




Because uncle Victor is a bit cross-eyed..




His eyes don't exactly look in the same direction. That's all.




Good. It's my turn now. He has a straight nose.




He is always closely shaved. He even has his head shaved,




undoubtedly to hide that he is going to be bald.




Uncle Henri. Too easy, your portrait. Good. To me now.




A bit of mustache, a big mouth, but no chin.




And she's always talking about her late husband.




"Ah, in the time of my poor husband ... "




No use continuing. It's aunt Amélie.




They are all too easy, your portraits. I'm going to do the following.




Watch out. It's going to be more difficult.




Ears that poke out (unstuck), big glasses, an enormous beard,




handlebar (falling) mustache, and especially an immense, monumental nose.




He's not very pretty, your guy ... I don't know (see).




Delapierre, our math prof.




Ah, but that's not in the game. We don't know him, your math prof.




He's not of the family.




Fortunately (happily) he's not of the family.




He's as dumb as his feet, and there is no one any meaner.




Good. Well me, I find that that's enough like that.




We've been playing this idiot game for two hours. (That makes two hours that ... )




Hey, what are they (one) showing (playing) at the Ciné-Club this evening.




Marie-Laure, look in the newspaper. ... I look at what?




Well, what they (one) are showing (giving) at the movies this evening.




You are deaf or what? Look if there are any new films.




This evening, they are playing The Genius of Claire.




The Genius of Claire? But what's that? You don't know how to read.




It's not The Genius of Claire. It's The Knee of Claire, idiot. Of Eric Rohmer.




Everyone is familiar with that; it's an old film.




The knee of Claire. One must say (It is necessary to say) that it's a funny title.




And why not the foot of Claire, or the ankle of Claire, or the big toe of Claire.




Hi, everyone. So, what are you doing?




It hasn't been raining for an hour. (That makes an hour that it's no longer raining.)




It's not raining anymore? ... Ah, no. ... Not possible.




Yes, yes. I assure you. It's clearing up. (It's raising itself.)




So, are you coming to do some sailing?




No, old buddy (my old guy), not today. Today, I'm taking (one is taking) a nap.




Wait for me, Jean-Denis. I'm coming, if you want.




Oh, my. What an athlete. Hey, take your raincoat.




It's a good idea. (It's worth better.)