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Last year a wolf was killed on I-70, here in Colorado. The wolf came from Wyoming. Gray wolves released in the Yellowstone do not necessarily stay there, but move to other states. Wolves, once abundant in the Northwest were hunted to near extinction. They were put on the endangered species list and in 1973 Congress enacted a Wolf Recovery Program reintroducing the wolf into Minnesota, Idaho, and Wyoming, but wolves are predators and eat meat, cattle, sheep, and wild game. Controversy surrounded the program, but some packs thrived. Now the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service proposes to change the classification of wolves, delisting them to threatened instead of endangered, and allowing states to take responsibility. Controversy again surrounds the wolf. 

Both sides of the conflict have persuasive arguments. 



1. Create a newspaper in which you will present the results of your research from the webquest.

2. Analyze the results of the Wolf Recovery Program and decide if the program should be continued?

3. Each team member will write an editorial for the editorial page. Two members will be in favor of the Wolf Recovery Program, and two will be against it. 



1. Scroll through the entire webquest to become familiar with the page.
2 Use the websites listed as sources to help you complete the questions or project for each topic.
3. When all members have their information meet as a group and answer the questions or complete the project. These papers will be turned in with the newspaper.
4. Decide on a name and the sections for your newspaper. 
  current news current state of wolves
  entertainment wolf myths
  sports hunters/ranchers fact & opinion
  social biology of the wolves
  editorial all team members' editorials
5. For your newspaper you will need to present your research in a section of the paper.
6. Be creative, both with your sections and the way you present your research. You may use various forms of writing (i.e. letters, journal entries, Q & A, maps).
7. For the editorial page, two members will write editorials in favor of the recovery program, and two will write editorials against the program.
8. Decide on your roles for creating the paper. (Make sure someone will revise and edit the material for mechanics.)
9. Put all of your materials together and create your paper.
10. When all papers have been completed evaluate the papers.

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SUGGESTED TIME LINE (approx. 1 month)

Complete one topic each 90 minute class session
One class session for organization of newspaper
One class session for editorials (some work may need to be done outside of class)
Two class sessions for production of newspaper
One class session for evaluation

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Wolf Myths


Wolf history and geography in North America Wolf Biology
 Each group member will research all of the sites on the pros and cons of the Wolf Recovery Program.


Wolf Myths

Assign each group member one or more of the web pages below. Read the information, and come back together as a group and answer the following questions. Write out your answers to be handed in. You might write your own myth about the wolf for inclusion in your newspaper, or do a review page of a variety of myths for the paper. 
1. Write two familiar common expressions based on wolf myths.

2. How do Native Americans view wolves?

3. What are some human qualities associated with wolves?

4. How have wolves learned to coexist with their environment of humans?

5. Relate two proverbs based on wolf myths.
6. Why is the wolf important to Native Americans?


Wolf Biology

Assign each group member one or more of the web pages below. Read the information, and come back together as a group and complete the graphic organizer. Some information may also come from interviews when the wolves come to the school.
Graphic Organizer


Wolf History and Geography in North America

Assign each group member one or more of the web pages below. Read the information, and come back together as a group and answer the following questions and create a map and timeline of the wolf movement and migration including important dates. 
Your map and timeline will be included in your newspaper.
1. During what year did wolves fall under the protection of the Endangered Species Act?  Why is this significant?
2. Wolves were killed in large numbers for about 200 years in the U.S. - what were some of the methods used to eliminate the wolf population and why did they want to kill them off?
3. Name five states who have been involved in wolf recovery programs.
4. Name two groups of "Americans" who have always respected the wolf and lived in harmony with these animals.
5. Name three national parks in which wolves are being protected today. 
6. What government agencies have been involved in the depletion of wolves and the preservation of wolves.



Each member of the team should read all of the following website sources and decide for himself/herself if he/she agrees with the program. As a group answer the questions and fill in the worksheet the teacher will supply. Note: one answer on the worksheet requires an individual answer.

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As a group you will create a newspaper with all members participating in the process. Two members will write an editorial favoring the continuation of the Wolf Recovery Program as is, and two members will write editorials favoring delisting the program, which would change the protection from federal auspices to state. You will be evaluated based on a group and individual rubric.
Minimum size: 4 pages, 9 x 11
single spaced, 12pt. font
Headlines and bylines



Each editorial will be evaluated as an essay for an individual grade.
Newspaper will be judged by the rubric.
Each member of the group will be judged on group participation. The group will fill out a grading rubric.


Pictures (maximum 1 per page)
Advertisements (maximum 2)
Newspaper Blue Ribbon Award (best overall paper as judged by teams)



As a concluding activity, each team will look at all of the newspapers and evaluate them based on the newspaper rubric. The newspaper with the most points will receive the Blue Ribbon Award and bonus points.

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