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For each chapter we will have a series of  questions designed to help you understand the story or to provoke thought. These questions h may also contribute ideas for the journal entries. For each chapter a student will be selected to lead the study question responses in class. All students need to be prepared to discuss the questions in class on the assigned day.


Chapter 1
1. What is the difference between a sorcerer and a wizard?
2. At first how does Matt feel about magic?
3. What makes Matt decide he isn't in his won universe?
4. What power does Matt have over people?
Chapter 2
1.  Why does Malingo spare Matt?
2.  What saves the king from Malingo?
3.  Who is fighting against King Astaulf?
4.  If you were designing a parallel universe, what  three elements would be parallel to our world?
Chapter 3
1.  What is the relationship, in Matt's world, between magic and science?
2.  What are three conclusions Matt draws about his new world. (pgs. 30-32)
3.  How are spells cast?  Give two examples with the results.
4.  Who is Stegoman?  Describe his society.
5.  Does Stegoman's society sound reasonable? Why or why not?
6.  Who are Hardishane? Moncaire?  and Colmain?  What do they have to do with the dragons?
7.  Why does Stegoman believe Matt is a wizard?
8.  What causes Stegoman to develop respect for Matt?
9.  Matt relates a pun on page 44 when he says, ". . . by going from bad to verse." What is the original form of the pun? What does Matt mean (why does he change the original saying)?
10. Describe the political situation. What does it have to do with Matt?
Chapter 4
1.  Describe Alisande. What actress would play her in a movie? Why?
2.  What is important about Matt's recognition of his power?
3.  Why fear a new piece of poetry?
4.  Describe a wizard.
5.  Describe a sorcerer.
6. Give three character traits Matt possesses and an example for each.
Chapter 5
1.  What is Matt's gift according to chapter 5? How does it work?
2.  Matt demonstrates the character trait of compassion in chapter 5. Give 2 examples.
Chapter 6
1.  How does Alisande demonstrate her naivete?
2.  What "gift" does royalty possess?
3.  What quest has been establish?
4.  On page 82 Stegoman accuses Matt of seeking adventure. Do you agree/disagree? Explain.
Chapter 7
1.  What lesson(s) might Stasheff be teaching with Sayessa?
2.  What would Alisande tell Sayessa that she was not "to foul to live" if she "still can think so"?
Chapter 8
1.  At the beginning of chapter 8, what does Matt reason out about magic? Why is that comforting to him?
2.  What is hell? Describe Matt's ordeal.
3.  What is a hedonist? How are hedonists punished in hell? Why are they punished?
4.  How is a person who refuses responsibility for his actions punished?
5.  How is the follower, the person who cannot make his own decisions punished?
6.  How is the person who is sure he is better than others punished?
7.  How is the materialist punished?
8.  What is a solipsist? Why is Matt one?
9.  How did Matt get out of hell?
10. What is Matt's moral responsibility? Why is it important?
11. Why is it important for Matt to go to confession?
12. What is the connection between Sir Guy and horses?
13. The legend of Hardishane, Colmain, Conor and other should sound familiar. What legend do they remind you of? Cite several parallels.
Chapter 9
1.  What does Divine Right mean? (research question not necessarily in text) What does Divine Right mean in Matt's new world?
2.  Who is the new companion? How does he come to join the group?
Chapter 10
1.  What new aspect of Divine Right is revealed?
2.  What new insight does Matt have as to his reason for staying with the princess?
3.  What further conclusion does Matt draw about magic?
Chapter 11
1.  Explain the parallels between Father Brunel and Sayeesa?
2.  What was the owl?
Chapter 12
1.  What theme encountered in other literature do we find on page 175? Explain.
2.  What catchy motto do we find on page 179?
3.  Again it comes up that sometimes people or creatures won't listen to Matt because he is not a knight, and Sir Guy is. What would be an analogous situation today?
Chapter 13
1.  What is the stone ring to which Matt is referring? What was its original purpose (give history)?
2.  What adversary does the group meet?
3.  What is a pure scholar?
4.  What lesson does Alisande learn from Matt?
Chapter 14
1.  Describe three difficulties the group faces and how Matt counters them.
Chapter 15
1.  Why do you think Matt is so surprised by female bandits in that society?
2.  What is the pun on pg. 242?
3.  What are the women's worst temptations? What advice must they heed?
4.  What is Matt's theory of why Stegoman can't fly?
5.  What parallels do you see between the convent and the monastery?
Chapter 16
1.  What does faith have to do with this world?
2.  On page 270 Matt learns something about himself. What is it? Do you agree, disagree? Explain or give an example.
Chapter 17
1.  If Father Brunel never took advantage of Sayeesa, why is he guilty? Do you agree/disagree? Explain you answer.
Chapter 18
1.  What does Matt admit to himself about his feeling or Alisande?
2.  Look up Cadmus and find reference to the story about the dragon's teeth. Relate the story to the class.
3.  Why won't Alisande answer Matt about their winning the battle?
4.  What is the significance of the scene where Matt heals Alisande's leg?
5.  What does Sayeesa do to help? Who helps her? How? What part does Father Brunel play?
6.  Why does Astaulf react so vehemently when he is defeated?
Chapter 19
1.  How is the timing of the Requiem symbolic?
2.  What comment on our times might Stasheff be making with his reference to the reverence in Merovence? (pg. 335)
3.  What is the difference between Alisande's royal position and what Sir Guy would be were he crowned?
4.  How was Matt chosen?
5.  What reason does Alisande give for not telling Matt they were going to win? Do you believe her?
6.  What do you think Matt's new quest will be?


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