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Her Majesty's Wizard is one of numerous fantasy fiction books written by Christopher Stasheff.

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The success of fantasy fiction depends on the reader's willingness to invest himself and respond to the literature.

We will approach the text Her Majesty's Wizard in a slightly different manner from our other studies. First, you will be working with response journals similar to those of Animal Farm. Also, we will be discontinuing the daily vocabulary words, replacing them with vocabulary work sheets for each chapter of the book. In addition to the vocabulary and journal, each chapter will have a series of thought provoking questions which may contribute to your journal entries. For each chapter a student will be selected to lead the study question responses in class.


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Matt Mantrell: protagonist (hero) wpe13.jpg (51382 bytes)
Astaulf: antagonist
Malingo: really nasty antagonist
Alisande: protagonist (heroine)
Sir Guy Losobal: good knight
Sayeeesa: companion
Father Brunel: companion
Stegoman: dragon companion
Colmain: dead hero
Ballspear: dead antagonist
Moncaire: dead wizard


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As you read Her Majesty's Wizard you will create a journal of your responses based on the text. These entries may reflect a variety of thoughts.
As the material relates to you:
  • How do you feel about what you read?
  • What does it make you think about?
  • Why do you like (dislike) a particular section? Character? (Support your ideas.)
As the author relates to you:
  • What underlying meaning do you think the author might have, or what point is the author trying to make?
  • Why would the author portray a character in a certain way?
  • Why would the author have a character perform a certain act?
  • How does a certain character add or detract from the text?
These responses should reflect thought, insight and effort and will be a major portion of your grade for the book. The use of tests will be deterined by the effort exhibited in the journals. Entries should be made after every one or two chapters depending on the material in the chapter. Some characters will provide more stimulating thought than others.
  • Date all entries and indicate the chapters.
  • All entries must be neat and legible. (Grades will suffer if I cannot read the material.)
  • Entries must be in ink or word processed - no pencil
  • Entries should be at least 1/2 to 3/4 of a page per chapter - good full responses
  • Use proper grammar and mechanics. (spelling counts)
  • Entries will be handed in every Monday.


Select one of the following and prepare the project for class presentation.

1.  Create a time line starting from Hardishane, including the significant events and characters in the story.
2.  Create a graph, chart, pitorial repesentation, etc. explaining the history of the country with the significant characters.
3.  Create a map of the country and Reme tracing the characters journey and indicating important places.
4.  Create biographical sketches for 5 main characters, 3 creatures, 4 characters from the history of the country, and 2 enemies. Include physical description, character analysis, and importance to the story.
5.  Create a new creature/character for Matt's new world and write a scene involving the characters, old and new.
6.  Describe what would happen, how would a character from Merovence react if time transported to our world. Write a scene reflecting the characters actions and feelings.
7.  Create a complete jeopardy game that will demonstrate a thorough knowledge of the book, its plot, theme, and characters.
8.  Create a scene where Matt and his party are in trouble. Devise a spell he would use (poetry) and describe the result.
9.  Design a newspaper spread for Merovence. Include two articles, a banner, editorial, headlines, advertisement, and sports story.


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Christopher Stasheff "seeks refuge in fantasy worlds of his own making and hopes you enjoy them as much as he does."
                                                                  Her Majesty's Wizard

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