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Personal Page

This link to my personsal page should help you to get to know me. First of all, I'm a teacher, not just of academics in the classroom, but in essence. I can't help myself; this is the way I help people. An example might help. Last summer during my vacation, I was visiting the Botanical Gardens in Denver when I found myself talking to a group of women and teaching them what a heliotropic plant is. I was teaching. My husband is a French professor at Montana State University Northern. This works well for us because he understands how and why I can spend several hours every evening correcting papers or planning activities for my classes. We do, however, on occassion, dispute whose turn it is to go on-line.  I also have three grown children with families that I adore. When not doing school work or research, I enjoy several hobbies.

livre.gif (20400 bytes) Reading.  I enjoy reading a variety of  fictional genres. Right now I'm hooked on mysteries, but I also read a variety of fantasy fiction authors. And Arthurian legend has always been one of my favorites. I must admit I haven't read any biographies for quite a while, but I have several waiting on the bookshelf.

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Sewing.  Although I no longer sew professionally, I still enjoy sewing for my children and granddaughter.  Lately, I seem to spend my time in my sewing room working and watching football games. I'll have to find other programs after the Superbowl. My last major project was my daughter's wedding dress and dresses for the bridesmaids. Since then I've tackled a couple of prom dresses, but nothing major.
tulips.gif (3447 bytes) Gardening.  This is my summer passion; in fact, I worked  in a greenhouse last summer and have been asked back for this year. The greenhouse works well because I can stock up on the annuals for my beds and add to the perennials. I've cut back on some of the plants in the house although I do have a nice selection of succulents, a thriving rex begonia, and two small rosemary plants. I'm also looking for a replacement bougainvillea with variagated leaves and pinkish red flowers.
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