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This page is currently under construction but the Short Story Unit, drama, Antigone, West Side Story, Shakespeare, The Pearl and Romeo & Juliet units are active.

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In 9th grade English we will be studying a variety of genres and taking numerous notes from slide presentations I have prepared for class. I am tying to transfer the information from those presentations to the internet so they will be available at any time for students and include information on major projects and assignments. Because we start the year with the study of the short story and spend much of the first semester with that genre, the short story unit is the first internet link I will work with. As the year progresses, I hope to put further links to specific topics on this page.


Edgar Alan Poe

For more information on the short story unit, click on Poe.

For more information on Greek Drama, just click on the masks.


For more information about the Greek play "Antigone," just click on the picture.

For more information about West Side Story, just click on the picture.

For information on Shakespeare, connect to the Shakespeare Study Guide Page.

Just click on the picture.

For information and assignments for Romeo and Juliet, click on the picture.

Click on the pearls for information on John Steinbeck's The Pearl