Actividad A (T 67-68) Resumen

In Mexico, a very old man is gravely ill. His name is don Fernando. This gentleman receives a letter and the letter holds (has) a great secret. The gentleman reveals the secret to his family: that his first wife, Rosario, didn't die in the Spanish Civil War.

Pedro, don Fernando's brother (hermano) calls Raquel Rodríguez. Raquel is going to travel to Spain (España), to the city of Sevilla, in order to look for Teresa Suárez, the person who wrote the letter. But the woman no longer lives (vive) there. Raquel talks with Elena Ramírez and with her husband (esposo), Miguel Ruíz, who is also a son (hijo) of Teresa Suárez. They know (saben) nothing of the story of Rosario.

Sunday Raquel accompanies the family to the animal market. The sons of Miguel and Elena want a dog and their father buys (compra) one. And what happens? The dog escapes and Jaime gets lost in the streets of Sevilla looking for it. Raquel runs through the streets also and finally finds (encuentra) Jaime. The two talk a little bit with a blind man who sells (vende) lottery tickets.

Finally Raquel and Jaime are reuntied with the rest of the family. The following day, Raquel takes (toma) a train for Sevilla. There lives Mrs. Suárez with another son. Raquel still knows nothing (nada) about Rosario.