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Lección 6

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Of course, we must pay attention to the review process. You will be expected to translate the lecciones 1-5 questions and answers into Spanish.

Lecciones 1-5 --- Questions and answers in English

Lecciones 1-5 --- Preguntas y respuestas en español


Study the lección 6 story summary using the Historia (Spanish and English versions), emphasizing new vocabulary and constructions. This story summary will be discussed in class, but if you miss that class or need extra copies, go to the links below. Remember that anything in the story summary could appear on the Spanish to English section of the exam.

Lección 6 -- La Historia (Spanish version)

Lección 6 -- La Historia (English version)


We will also have, of course, questions covering the lección 6 story line. Your exam questions will be taken from the following, which you will find here in various formats.

Lección 6 - Questions in English.

Lección 6 - Questions and answers in English.

Lección 6 - Preguntas en español.

Lección 6 - Preguntas y respuestas en español.


Text Exercises

There are a few exercises in the text that can be useful for practicing what we have already covered. I will give you their English equivalent so that you can check your comprehension and perhaps try to reproduce them in Spanish, using the text as your answer sheet.

(T 65) Actividades A y C.

Click Preparación for the English equivalent of the correct answers to Actividad A and the English equivalent of the conversation in Actividad C.

(T 66 - 67) Actividades A y B. Los nuevos personajes and En este episodio.

Click Buena Memoria for the English equivalents of these two exercises. In Actividad A, I will give correct answers, and in Actividad B I will also put the information from the three sections in the correct order.

(T 67) Actividad A. Resumen. Even though there are just a few blanks to fill in, I will give you the English equivalent of the whole exercise and underline the material that goes in each blank. Again, you can check your comprehension and try to translate back into Spanish. Click Resumen.

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Workbook Exercises

The workbook exercises are all review. Study the verb charts and commentaries on pages 48-50 and then try the exercises.

(W 51) Actividad A. Actividades y más

Fill in the blanks with the appropriate verb form and click on Actividades for the answers and English translations.

(W 51-52) Actividad. ¿Cuál es la pregunta? (What is the question?)

Put the correct question word in the blank. The answer to each questions gives you the clue to the appropriate question word. Click ¿Cuál es la pregunta? For the answers and English equivalents.

Exam page

(W 52) Actividad A. Oraciones originales (Original sentences)

Create one sentence for each subject. Be logical in terms of the story line. Use each item only one. Click Oraciones originales for my sentences and the English equivalents.

(W 52-53) Actividad C. El día de un estudiante típico (The day of a typical student)

Write out the times in Spanish in each blank, and then translate the paragraph into English. Click El día for the answers.

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