SPAN 105 -- The Plan



Lección 3

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Video Scripts



As you study lección 3, you will also want to review materials from the first two lessons. On the lesson 3 exam, I will expect you to be able to translate a selection of questions and answers from English into Spanish. You will find the English and Spanish through the links below.

Review --- Question and answers

Revista --- Preguntas y respuestas



Study the lección 3 story summary using the Historia (Spanish and English versions), emphasizing new vocabulary and constructions. The story summary will be discussed in class, but if you miss that class or need extra copies, go to the links below. Remember that anything in the story summary could appear on the Spanish to English section of the exam.

Lección 3 -- La Historia (Spanish version)

Lección 3 -- La Historia (English version)



We will also have, of course, questions over the lección 3 story line. Your exam questions will be taken from the following, which you will find here in various formats.

Lección 3 -- Questions in English

Lección 3 -- Questions and answers in English

Lección 3 -- Preguntas en español

Lección 3 -- Preguntas y respuestas en español



There are a few exercises in the text than can be useful for practicing the story line materials. Below, you will find discussions of these exercises and links to the answers and English translations. I will provide the English equivalent of the Spanish in each exercise so that you can check your comprehension and perhaps try to put the English back into Spanish, using the text as your answer sheet.


(page 30) --- Actividad A. Los nuevos personajes (new characters)

Match the characters with the statements. Click below for the answers and the sentences in English. Make sure you know what everything means.

Answers and English sentences

(page 32) --- Vocabulario -- los números de 0 al 21

Study these numbers. We will go over them extensively in class.

(page 34) --- Un poco de gramática (a little grammar)

We have talked about these verb endings many times. It wouldn't hurt to review them.

(page 37) --- Vocabulario

Once again. Pay close attention to these vocabulary lists and make some kind of study sheet to review them.



We also need to consider several exercises in the workbook. Again, I will provide discussions of the exercises and links to the answers and English equivalents. Selected exercises will appear on your exam. Check the exam description for details.


(page 20) --- Actividad D. ¿Quién ... ? (Who?)

I have put together six sentences using the vocabulary of this exercise. Have a look at the English sentences and then put them into Spanish. Check your version against mine.

English sentences

Spanish sentences

(page 21) --- Actividad A. ¿De quién se habla? (Who is being talked about?)

I have provided a set of correct answers and also the English equivalent of the sentences. Click below to have everything revealed to you.


English sentences

(page 23) --- Actividad B. Obligaciones y deseos (obligations and desires)

I have put together three sentences using the expressions given. Check my sentences in English and then put them into Spanish. Verify your results.

English sentences

Spanish sentences

(page 26) --- Vocabulario

There's a lot of very important vocabulary here. Spend a bunch of time with it.

(page 258) --- Self-test

(page 258) --- III. La gramática -- A.

You will have an exercise similar to this one on your exam. Complete the paragraph with the correct form of the verb that fits the paragraph. I might also ask you to translate all or a portion of the paragraph into English.


English equivalents

Video Scripts --- I have prepared a few scripts to accompany portions of the video. Study these scripts so that you have a better idea of what is being said in the video. Most of the words and expressions they are using are things that we have already studied, but they move along quite rapidly. I'm hoping that these scripts will make your video watching much more productive.

Video 1 -- Raquel en el hotel

Video 2 -- Raquel y el taxista

Video 3 -- España, un país europeo

Video 4 -- Raquel y los chicos en la calle

Video 5 -- Raquel y Elena en el mercado