SPAN 105 -- The Plan



Lección 1

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Of course, we must pay attention to the review process. You will be expected to translate these questions and answers from the Introduction into Spanish.

Review --- Questions and answers in English

Revista --- Preguntas y respuestas en español



Study the lección 1 story summary using the Historia (Spanish and English versions), noting and emphasizing new vocabulary and constructions. The story summary will be discussed in class, but if you miss that class or need extra copies, go to the links below. Remember that anything in the story summary could appear on the Spanish to English section of the exam.

Lección 1 -- La Historia (Spanish version)

Lección 1 -- La Historia (English version)



We will also have, of course, questions cover the lección 1 story line. Your exam questions will be taken from the following, which you will find here in various formats.

Lección 1 -- Questions in English

Lección 1 -- Questions and answers in Engish

Lección 1 -- Preguntas en español

Lección 1 -- Preguntas y respuestas en español



There are a few exercises in the text than can be useful for practicing the story line materials. Below, you will find discussions of these exercises and links to the answers and English translations. I will provide the English equivalent of the Spanish in each exercise so that you can check your comprehension and perhaps try to put the English back into Spanish, using the text as your answer sheet.


(Page 6) --- Actividad A. ¿Quiénes son? (Who are they?)

Make sure that you know what these sentences mean. Check your answers against the answers online, and then practice putting the English sentences back into Spanish.

English equivalents

(Page 10) --- Vocabulario

Make sure that you know all the vocabulary items on this list. I suggest that you make a vocabulary list with with Spanish on one side and English on the other so that you can use the list as a vocabulary quiz.



We also need to consider several exercises in the workbook. Again, I will provide discussions of the exercises and links to the answers and English equivalents. Selected exercises will appear on your exam. Check the exam description for details.


(Page 5) --- Actividad A. ¿Quién habla? (Who is speaking?)

I want you to choose the appropriate character, but I also want you to make sure you know what everything says. Click below for the answers and the English equivalents. It would be good practice to try to put all the sentences back into Spanish from the English.

Answers and English

(Page 6) --- Actividad B. ¿Quiénes son? (Who are they?)

Complete the sentences with forms of the verb ser (to be). Check your answers and the English meaning of the sentences.


English sentences

(Page 6) --- Actividad C. ¿Y tú? (And you?)

Before you do this exercise, check the English sentences that I have created. Then put those sentences into Spanish.

English sentences

Spanish sentences

(Page 8) --- Vocabulario

Make sure that you know all the vocabulary items in this list.