Computer Lab - room 320

7:00 - 12:35   Daily

12:35 - 1:25   Closed for lunch

1:25 - 4:00     Monday through Thursday
1:25 - 3:00     Friday

During class periods, the lab is usually reserved for classes.  Students with free periods or passes may use the computers only if space is available.

Tutoring Center - room 320


Before school - Tutoring is available from 7 to 8 each morning.


During classes - Tutoring is available during class periods for students who have a free period or a pass from a teacher.


After School Tutoring - South High School offers free after school tutoring Monday through Thursday from three to four.  All students are invited to participate since these tutoring sessions are designed for any students who wish to improve their academic performance, not just those who might be struggling to pass a class.


Tutoring in all subjects is available Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday in room 320, the computer lab/tutoring center. 


In addition, math and science teachers provide specialized tutoring on Tuesday and Thursday.  Science tutoring takes place in room 119, and math tutoring occurs in one of the math classrooms on third floor.