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American Literature 1 (1 project due) and 1X (3 projects due)

Film to Novel Project -  A self-paced homework assignment which involves the study of film as juxtaposed by the more formal study of literature.  The two will be compared and contrasted in a 5-7 paragraph essay, which will then be briefly presented and discussed with the class at the end of the semester. 
Students are required to find the books and films by their own means which can include the school library, inner-library loan, the Denver Public Library, used books, other local video stores, etc.  Students are encouraged to have a few back-ups in mind in case their first choice is not available.  Students have a list of approved novels and films.


White Block 3, Purple Blocks 2 & 3
Oct. 12 or 13
Nov. 8 or 9
Dec. 14 or 15
White Block 1
Nov. 26 or 27
DO NOT wait until the last minute to do these projects.  They will take a lot of time and there will be no extensions.

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