South High School Student Senate



Mr. Brookes                                                                 

Room 215                                                                           

(720) 423-6195                                                                 



Course Description:


The purpose of the South High School Student Senate is to organize social, political and academic events. As members of Student Senate, out sole purpose is to represent the opinions of ALL South High School students.




3-ring binder with paper

Blue or black pen


Student Responsibility:


As Senate students, you are expected to demonstrate a positive work ethic and lead by example in all school functions, activities and classes. You will be expected to participate in all Senate related activities.


Attendance & Tardy Policy:


Regular attendance has a direct effect on student progress and achievement and every student is expected to attend class regularly and punctually. This is not a free class period to run around the halls doing “Senate” activities. Failure to do so will result in punitive action as described in the student handbook.



Students are not allowed to have any cell phones and electronic devises in classrooms at South High School.  This means they are NOT to be displayed or turned on while class is in session or during instructional periods.  Students who need to make contact by cell phone my do so between classes, at lunch, and after school. If your student is caught with one of these devises in class it will be taken by the teacher and given to a dean or administrator.  A parent contact will be made.  On the second infraction the devise will be kept pending a parent conference with a member of the administration.




Grades will be determined by attendance, participation and work ethic. The regular grading scale of 90% A, 80% B, 70% C, 60 % D will be used.




Please sign and return this page only:


I have read the class syllabus and requirements. I understand what is expected of me in this class and agree to follow all rules and policies.




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