Introduction to Literature and Composition (Skills Block)

2007-08 Course Syllabus


Mr. Brookes

Room 215

(720) 423-6195



Course Description:


Introduction to Literature and Composition is a required course for graduation. It is a year long course designed to help students develop their skills in reading, writing, critical analysis, research writing, and the presentation of material. The course will also include an emphasis on vocabulary enhancement and grammatical improvement. Throughout the course units entitled: Coming of Age, Short Story, Poetry, Drama, The Media, and The Novel, students will explore a variety of literary genres including: short story, novel, poetry, non-fiction, drama, biography, and autobiography and film. There will be a heavy emphasis on writing, which will include: paragraph development, literary response, expository essays, short narratives, and a mini research paper. Students will continue to practice and develop appropriate grammar and mechanics. The completion of homework assignments is a requirement of this course.


Curriculum Content Standards and outline of course:



Assignment/ Composition book

Blue or black pen


Computer disk or flash drive (preferred)


Student Responsibility:


As students, you are expected to demonstrate a positive work ethic. You will be expected to follow through on all assignments (homework, daily, long term), meeting deadlines. You are expected to know and follow all school and classroom policies (as per a handout). As responsible members of the classroom community and members of assigned work groups, you are expected to attend classes and be punctual. If you are absent, it is your responsibility to get the worked missed even for an excused absence. Exchange phone numbers with a reliable classmate and get missed assignments from that person. I will be available to help with work before and after school. (And by appointment at lunch) There is also after school tutoring available in room 320 every day but Monday.


Daily journal writings, vocabulary and/or comprehension quizzes, done at the beginning of class, along with your attendance and class participation, will count for 20% of your overall grade. A missed journal writing or quiz may not be made up, so it would be prudent to attend every day and be on time. One cannot learn if one does not attend and participate regularly, so students with excessive absences may fail the class.


Attendance & Tardy Policy:


Regular attendance has a direct effect on student progress and achievement and every student is expected to attend class regularly and punctually. Failure to do so will result in punitive action as described in the student handbook.



Students are not allowed to have any cell phones and electronic devises in classrooms at South High School. This means they are NOT to be displayed or turned on while class is in session or during instructional periods. Students who need to make contact by cell phone my do so between classes, at lunch, and after school. If your student is caught with one of these devises in class it will be taken by the teacher and given to a dean or administrator. A parent contact will be made. On the second infraction the devise will be kept pending a parent conference with a member of the administration.




Reading, writing, and thinking are critical life skills. We will use the readings to generate critical thinking skills and writing assignments. Because I emphasize writing, the writing assignments will be worth 50% of your grade. The major tests, projects and presentations will be worth 30% of your grade, and daily work 20%.


It is imperative that assignments be turned in on time. Daily work is due at the beginning of class; late daily work, one day only, will receive half credit. Essays have a specific due date. Points will be deducted for each calendar day that the paper is late. Essays over one week late will receive no more than 50%, even on a rewrite. Essays may be emailed to me but must be produced using Microsoft Word.


All essays must be word processed with 1 margins, 12pt. Times Roman font, left aligned, and double spaced.


Grading scale:

100-90% A

89-80% B

79-70% C

69-60% D

59%-- F


Mr. Brookes is available to students in room 215 during period 1 every day (except days when I have meetings!)

I am also available by phone and email as printed at the top of the syllabus.


Please sign and return this page only:


I have read the class syllabus and requirements. I understand what is expected of me in this class and agree to follow all rules and policies.




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