Introduction to Literature


Brian J. Buddenhagen
Teacher, English
Room 221

Assignments, first six weeks, Introduction to Literature:
  1. The Odyssey, by Homer
  2. The students will read excerpts from The Odyssey, a classic epic poem from ancient Greece. The reading selection is found in the Language of Literature textbook.

  3. Five-paragraph writing sample
  4. This is an in-class assignment, which the students will complete on the first full day of class. It is purely a credit / no-credit assignment, which I will use to assess the individual writing abilities of the student.

  5. Ten grammar assignments.
  6. On writing days, the students will complete brief grammar assignments. I will test them over the material at the end of the six weeks, on the unit test. We will work with clauses during this six-week period.

  7. Vocabulary.
  8. The students will use their dictionaries to define a list of vocabulary words. They should be able to identify the part the speech, the definition, and use the word correctly in a sentence. They will be tested on the unit test.

  9. Research and presentation on topics regarding the Odyssey.
  10. I will assign the students research projects at the start of the unit. I will take them to the library to research the subject, and they will conduct a brief, five minutes presentation on their research.

  11. Five-paragraph essay on The Odyssey.
  12. The students will answer this question: "what are the characteristics of Odysseus, and how does each both help and hurt him and his crew? They will turn in a rough draft and a final draft, with the final essay typed or word-processed.

  13. Unit Test.

This is a comprehensive test that will review the reading, grammar, and vocabulary.

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