Yearbook  Syllabus


Ms. Ahnen, Advisor

Editor, Cameron Fraker

Room 224 or Room 106 (Yearbook room)

Phone: (720) 423-6234

Cell phone:  (720) 560-5897


Welcome to the Yearbook Staff!


 Congratulations on being selected to be part of a great team!  This is a privilege unlike any other activity at South, and there is nothing more rewarding than seeing your work published and receiving compliments from all of your friends, classmates and teachers.  I am excited about this year and eager to work with all of you on this very large group project.  We are going to have a successful year and hopefully have some fun in the process. 

Yearbook is unlike any other class you are taking! It is a class, an extracurricular activity, and a business. We have the awesome privilege and responsibility of preserving the memories of this year for every student at South High School.  In order for us to have a successful year, you must realize that yearbook is a big commitment!  You will be expected to put in time outside of school, including taking photographs, coming in after school and on weekends when necessary, and working as part of a team in putting together the book. Understand that you will need to budget you time to include yearbook in your schedule.  There are no excuses for missed deadlines, and things usually take longer than you think they will, so plan accordingly!


Yearbook is a privilege and you are representing South High School and the entire yearbook staff.  You are expected to behave appropriately both on and off campus regardless of if you are performing duties for yearbook. 


Another part of yearbook is selling ads.  This is sometimes the most difficult part of yearbook, but essential.  Each person will be responsible for selling $250, or a page worth of ads for the yearbook.  The business manager has spent a lot of time over the summer and the first few days of school training staff and organizing a system for doing this.  Staff is expected to go to all the places they have signed up for and bring back the evaluation form to the business manager.  Students are expected to sell $250 in ads, or bring back five signed evaluation forms.  The business manager will follow up and try to get the business to sponsor a page, if they did not buy an ad. This will be a large part of the first nine weeks grade.  Ad sales can be in the form of business ads or buddy ads.  All ad sales are due by Wednesday, Sept. 26th.


Grading for ad sales: Total 250 points


            Full credit: $250 or at least 5 business evaluations, or some ad sales and a combination of adding up to 5 businesses

            200 points: $200-$250 or at least 4 business evaluations

            150 points: $150-$200 or at least 3 business evaluations

            100 points: $100-$150 or at least 2 business evaluations

            50 points: $50-$100 or at least 1 business evaluation


No credit will be awarded for those who do not attempt to sell ads.  This will result in an F for the first nine weeks. Students all agreed to sell ads as part of their application to be on staff, so they will be held to that expectation. 


Students are expected to create their own pages and meet the deadlines.  There will be time set aside on Saturdays for students to come in and finish their work, if they are not finished. 


I have read and agree to the items listed in this syllabus.


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