Introduction to online German materials

Greetings all (or at least part of you)-

I'm not going to send any specific assignments yet because I still have a couple of students who havn't contacted either me or Christine yet.

Nevertheless ... I will send you some links to explore, and you can start to become somewhat familiar with the materials I have put online for you.

First of all, you should make sure that you read my introductory statement about online language instruction at either

http://www.westenskow.net/langsonline.html or

http://eet.msun.edu/~Westenskow/langsonline.html .

This page can also serve as the jumping off spot for your German class needs since it contains links that lead you to just about everything I have online. Make sure that you check out the following:

GER 105 Syllabus -- The syllabus discusses, among other things, my expectations for the semester and my grading policy.

Plans, Assignments, and Exam Descriptions (Your first lesson will be Einführung A.)

Plans -- These are the study guides for each lesson and contain a variety of explanations and links to exercises, translations, and answer sheets. For this first semester, I will provide an audio tape that will essentially follow the Plan and pronounce most of the material that you will encounter in each lesson. Christine in Cowan 305 received the first batch of tapes today (Monday) and has them available for you. There should also be a CD available in the bookstore (not the one bound with the text) that pronounces things for you and provides a variety of exercises to reinforce the text material. I'm not requiring the CD, but if you can afford it, it should be worthwhile.

Assignments -- For each lesson I will provide a specific list of assignments that I want you to send to me. These assignments are also discussed at the appropriate spots in the Plan.

Exam Descriptions -- For the most part, your exams will consist of a selection from your assignments. There should be few surprises. This Exam Description page will review for you the assignments that could reappear as exam pages.


You will send your homework assignments, questions, etc. to either of the following e-mail addresses:

german@westenskow.net or


Both addresses will send to the same account, the account in which I will have a folder to store homework and messages from each of you.

Most of you probably have questions about how you are supposed to send your homework to me. I have prepared a separate memo on that and will send it out to you shortly.

In the next day or two, I will also prepare a memo about my schedule and the best times for you to send your materials to me.

You can see that I will be corresponding with you on a regular basis, so you should be checking your e-mail daily.

Don't hesitate to contact me with your German questions and problems.

More later.


Dave Westenskow