Introductory message - German


Welcome to GER 105. You have already done just what needs to be done at this point. For these first few days I will just be collecting my students' e-mail addresses. Then this weekend I will put together a group mailing list so that I can send information to everyone at once instead of several individual messages. I hope to start sending instructional information by Monday, so there's not too much you can do before then. I am also mailing a box of instructional audio tapes to Christine in Cowan 305, so you will be able to pick up a tape for your first lesson on Monday.

As soon as I have your address set up in the e-mail account I use for class mailings, I will send you a test message.

Don't fret if you are confused at this point. It's to be expected, and I've got a period of student confusion written into my plan. We'll work on things bit by bit, and in a couple of weeks everything will be working smoothly.

More later.

Dave W.