Last night's goofs!

Oh my. So many goofs in just the first couple of days. I'm going to have to take more time to review my messages before I send them off to you. I'm going to blame it on trying to squeeze in too much work just before bedtime. It's always good to have a large supply of excuses on hand. :-)

During my lunch break today, I got online and went into my class accounts to look over the messages I sent out last night. Even though I'm a veteran mistake maker I had to blush a bit over what I saw.

First, let me assure you that I do know how to spell. Anything that appears to be a misspelled word is actually one of the typos that we hear so much about.

Second, and more important, I should have typed in the URL's for the homework delivery practice document instead of simply inserting a hyperlink into some text. I knew better than that. I used a web page technique instead of an e-mail technique. Anyway ... what you need is the following:

http://www.westenskow.net/pracdocfren.html or

http://www.westenskow.net/pracdocgerm.html .


I will often send you clickable links in my e-mail messages to make it easier for you to access the pages that I'm referring to.

Various other messages will be coming your way tonight. Keep checking back.